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REFURBISHED Official Cesar Millan Training Lead


Available in a rainbow of colors, our Nylon Training Leads are a customer favorite. An effective training tool for walking your dog, the slip collar design gives you greater control and the ability to make quick and gentle corrections.

      Cesar’s Most Recommended Training Tool is this Simple Slip Lead -  Quick and Gentle Corrections Give Owners Greater Control on Walks - All-In-One Collar Leash Solution
  • AS SEEN ON TV SHOW CESAR 911 - OFFICIAL CESAR MILLAN DESIGN - Don’t be fooled by knockoffs! As seen on Cesar 911, this is the official Cesar Millan Training Lead 
  • GRAB and GO, This Fan Favorite product is made from a single rope, this collar, leash and heat-sealed rubber sleeved handle make this all-in-one training tool a Cesar Millan (and fan) favorite. 
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Made of sturdy woven nylon with metal hardware for strength, this lead was built to last..

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1. Slip the Training Lead over your dog’s head, ensuring that the long end comes up over the top left of your dog’s neck.

2. Slide the Lead up behind your dog’s ears, simultaneously tightening it. You should be able to slip one or two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Secure in place with the sliding stopper.

3. Stand to the right of your dog, holding the Lead in your left hand. Your dog’s shoulders should be just ahead of your knees.

4. Keeping your left arm relaxed and straight, gather any slack in the Lead into your left hand. There should be just a little tension in the Lead.

5. Begin walking. To keep the Lead just behind the dog’s ears, be sure your dog’s shoulders are just ahead of your knees.

6. If you need to make a correction, simply give a firm, quick pull on the leash and release.

Never leave a Training Lead on an unsupervised dog. Do not use on puppies younger than 18 months or on dogs weighing less than ten pounds.