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Cesar Millan Bright Light Collar


Shine bright during evening walks and dog park visits with our Bright Light Collars! Their cool red or green glow improves your safety after dark, making you more visible to traffic and other walkers. Plus you can more easily locate your dog during dusk dog park runs. Rechargeable by USB or solar power, too!

Three sizes for a custom fit.

• Available in red or green.
• LED glows for up to six hours.
• Easily rechargeable by USB.
• Mini solar panel enhances battery life.
• Reflective trim stitching
• Water-resistant.
• Fits over your dog’s regular collar.

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    Traditional collars rest on the strongest part of a dog's neck, giving them the leverage they need to tug and pull during a Walk. Cesar Millan designed the Pack Leader Collar so the slip collar remains at the top of the neck where you can more easily communicate with your dog through the leash – just like professional show dog handlers.

    • Slip the Pack Leader Collar over your dog’s head, ensuring that the O-ring and slip lead come up over the top left side of your dog’s neck.

    • Adjust the straps and secure as needed. The Collar should rest comfortably on the dog’s neck and rotate easily. Do not overtighten.

    • Attach a short leash (36 to 48 inches/ 91 to 122 centimeters) to the larger O-ring at the end of the slip collar.

    • With your dog at your left side, shoulders just ahead of your knees, begin walking. If you need to make a correction, simply give a firm, quick pull on the leash.