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Get Out and Go Combo


Collar? Check. Matching leash? Yep. Backpack for the dog? Got it. You’re ready for an adventure! We paired our stylish Jacquard Collars and Leashes with our Cesar-designed Dog Backpacks into the Get Up and Go Pack – and gave it an unbeatable price.

The Cesar Millan Dog Backpack is the finest on the market, carefully designed so its weight is closer to your dog’s shoulders, where he/she is strongest. With plenty of pockets for treats, water and other supplies, the Backpack can enhance your dog’s calmness and balance while on the Walk. Regularly $49.99. Learn more about the Dog Backpack here.

Our woven nylon Jacquard Leashes and Collars are strong, versatile and stylish. Both are available in red and black. Collars come in three adjustable sizes; leashes are a standard 48 inches in length. Collars are regularly $10.00; leashes $13.50. Learn more about the Jacquard Collars here.

Get Out and Go Combo