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Mastery Pack


Master Pack Leadership and the Walk with this exclusive gift pack. We’ve combined Cesar’s best-selling six-DVD box set, the Mastering Leadership Series, and his unique Pack Leader Collar training aid at an irresistible Paw-lidays price.

The Mastering Leadership Series is the complete guide to Cesar’s approach and methods. Its six volumes cover everything you need to become a Pack Leader – from bringing home your new dog to overcoming common misbehaviors. The set also includes Cesar’s top-selling individual video, “Raising the Perfect Puppy.” Regularly $129.88. Learn more about the set here.

Cesar designed the Pack Leader Collar to be the ultimate training tool for teaching the Walk. Its unique construction keeps the slip collar at the top of your dog’s neck where you can more effectively control and correct your dog during Walks. Regularly $44.99. Learn more about the Pack Leader Collar here.